Name: Brian Palen
Year Joined: 2013
Road Category: 3
Track Category: 4
Cyclocross Category: 3


Transplant from New Mexico/Arizona.  Former cat 2, took about 5 years off after an injury, having a kid, new job, insert other excuses here. Don't call it a comeback--this time around it's about having fun, not riding my bike more than 3 times a week, and not shattering my elbow.

Results from my prior life as a decent cyclist include 2nd masters GC Tour of Tucson, top 10 masters Valley of the Sun, Iron Horse, Vuelta de Bisbee.  Podiums at New Mexico state championships for 1/2 cross,  masters TT, masters/cat 3 Crit.

Race Results:

[2014] [2013]
Date: Race: Category: Place:
08/04/14 monday track 4 12nd
07/21/14 monday track 4 7th
07/14/14 monday track 4 5th
07/09/14 wednesday track 4 2nd
06/30/14 monday track 4 5th