Name: Zqwan "Z-Dog" Peterson
Hometown: Kirkland, WA
Year Joined: 2004
Team Position: Membership Director
Road Category: 3
Track Category: 3
Cyclocross Category: 4
Mtb Category: 2
Triathlon: Short


When Z was just a pup he rode his BMX bike all over the place. But he never mastered the "kick out" "table top" or "doubles" like the other cool dogs so he put his tail between his legs and took up running and chasing girls. Years later when he became an adult dog he bought his first mountain bike. It was a 1991 Dorado Sherpa. Z-dog quickly became infatuated with his new bike and the whole cycling scene. In '95 he got a job as a part time sales guy at a bike shop. Two years later he was managing the place and racing mountain, cross, and road 40-50 times a year! Soon the credit card debt was out of control and his bike collection soared to 18 bikes (all for a different purpose of course). Retail burnout caused him to leave the shop, but he's still loosely tied to the industry making bike racks for buses. Present day sees this ol' dog with just 10 bikes and primarily racing in the Masters fields on the road. 2005 was the first year in a decade that Z didn't race and hardly even rode. The time was spent trying to heal a chronic back problem. Unfortunately, it didn't really work, but he's out on the road again. The occasional mountain bike and track race still happens and the dog even ventured into the world of Triathlon's last summer doing 3 sprint distance events. Born with "anti-cycling genetics" Z has never excelled at this sport taking a decade to upgrade to Cat 3. He is now content being the slow dog all winter and spring and then having a rare summer day in top form when he gets asked by the fast guys, "Where'd ya get your 'juice'?" And, "Man, who's your doctor?"  Most of all he enjoys riding/working for his teammates that have a shot at the podium!

Race Results:

[2014] [2013] [2012] [2011]
Date: Race: Category: Place:
09/26/14 Marymoor Cat 3 10th
09/19/14 Marymoor Cat 3 8th
09/17/14 Marymoor Masters 5th
09/10/14 Marymoor Masters 9th
09/05/14 Marymoor Cat 3 11th
09/03/14 Marymoor Masters 9th
08/26/14 PR Masters 20th
08/22/14 Marymoor Natz Masters DNF
08/21/14 Marymoor Natz Masters 13rd
08/19/14 PR Masters 20th
08/15/14 Marymoor Cat 3 13rd
08/12/14 PR Masters 20th
08/08/14 Marymoor Cat 3 8th
08/05/14 PR Masters 20th
07/30/14 Marymoor Masters 13rd
07/26/14 Marymoor Gran Prix Masters 23rd
07/25/14 Marymoor Gran Prix Masters 19th
07/18/14 Marymoor Cat 3 17th
07/15/14 PR Masters 20th
07/12/14 Redmond Derby Daze Masters 3/4 31st
07/04/14 Joe Matava Masters 29th
07/02/14 Marymoor Masters 24th
07/01/14 PR Masters 20th
06/28/14 Tacoma Crit Masters DNF
06/27/14 Marymoor Cat 3 11th
06/25/14 Marymoor Masters 10th
06/21/14 Sum.-Buck. Kermesse Masters 7th
06/18/14 Marymoor Masters 9th
06/17/14 PR Masters 20th
06/04/14 Marymoor Masters 16th
06/02/14 Marymoor Cat 3 3rd
05/30/14 Marymoor Cat 3 15th
05/23/14 Marymoor Cat 3 8th
05/22/14 Seward Cat 3 20th
05/20/14 PR Masters 20th
05/16/14 Marymoor Cat 3 13rd
05/15/14 Seward Cat 3 20th
05/06/14 PR Masters 20th
05/02/14 Marymoor Cat 3 19th
04/29/14 PR Masters 20th
04/27/14 Volunteer Park Cat 3 DNF
04/15/14 PR Masters 20th
04/10/14 Seward Cat 3 DNF
04/01/14 PR Masters 20th
03/01/14 IBTT Masters 1/2/3 10th

Membership Director